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18 Days – George Sherman Batcheller’s Civil War letters – In the last days of August 1862, the 115th New York Volunteers was mustered into service. While on the train to Baltimore the Regiment’s orders were changed and it was sent to Harpers Ferry.  George, who was a lieutenant colonel, wrote two letters to his sister, Helen, relating the story of the ensuing campaign.  As a graduate of Harvard and an inexperienced officer leading green troops, he provides a very different perspective.  There are also Civil War letters that cover his promotion to provost Marshal.


Catharine’s Diary – In 1852, 14 year-old Catharine Cook (the future Mrs. Batcheller) was attending Albany Female Academy.  She maintained a diary for five weeks then it becomes a journal.  Readers will enjoy the perceptions and writing skills of this young woman.


Catharine's Estate – What was Catharine worth when she died?


Catharine's Memoriam – In Memoriam Catharine Phillips Batcheller


Catherine Phillips Batcheller’s Will – Before the family left for Egypt in 1898, Catharine and George each completed their last Will and Testament.  From Catharine’s we learn that she was the owner of the house and how she felt about her family, her personal possessions and the house in Saratoga.


George Sherman Batcheller’s Will – George rewrote his Will in 1907.  Again we realize the family’s feelings about the house but equally important his perception of his legacy.


Kate's Daybook – Katharine (Kate) Batcheller maintained a daybook recording the Washington Social season of 1891-92. 


Kate Batcheller’s Will -1938 - Kate resided in Paris, France and Saratoga Springs following the death of her father in 1908.  From the Will we see she had a love/hate relationship with Saratoga and learn what happened to the family’s fortune.


Kate's Estate – What was Kate worth when she died?

Kate's Portugal Diary


James M. Cook’s Will – coming soon


Sherman Batcheller’s Will – coming soon


Kate’s Day book – coming soon


George Sherman Batcheller’s address to the Saratoga Graduating class – coming soon